The Fifteen Generations of Ford F150


Ford is a world-famous company that has gotten critical acclaim all over the world. Their cars have a tradition of use all over the world. Their models are well suited for different types of uses and you will find one that is just for you. The price of the cars is well suited for different budgets, and a working family can definitely afford one for themselves. Not to mention the fact that Ford is among the first mas producers of cars and a company that revolutionized the motor industry.

What if you want a car for work, that you can use to travel and go to places without looking like a serviceman? Ford has made a solution for that, and we want to talk about the truck that has helped us for generations.

The F Series


This series is a series of trucks designed by Ford to help in low to medium duty jobs that require a car. There are a lot of models in the F series, and cars have been made under its name for six decades. There is a truck for almost any type of work that you can imagine, and the capacities wary as well.

Over the years this series of trucks have had their ups and downs, but one model stands out for more than fifty years. Why is this? And what model are we talking about?


The F150

As we said the F series has been around for quite some time and has made to accommodate medium duty job requirements. Then in the 1980is, the seventh generation of the cars was made, and the model F150 was introduced. Since its introduction, it has been a huge hit by the driving public, both in the USA and in other countries.

There are several reasons why this model is so famous but before we continue to take a look at this Ford F150 company in Bloomington, MN and the cars they are offering. First of all, the car is functionally designed, and the overall look of the car makes it elegant and well suited for the urban environment it doesn’t stand out like the previous versions. The truck has enough space, that can be easily accessed from all sides, plus you have enough room in the seating area to sit comfortably.

The car has a strong engine, and there are even new models of the F150 that are diesel-fueled and that optimize the use of energy. Since its introduction, the model has been successful worldwide and is still one of the most sought-after cars in the world. With incredible sales to this day, no wonder the company has made fifteen generations of the F150, and we think they will make even more. This car is vintage, but on the other hand, it is also a classic that manages to get a new face and look every few years. The form of the car may change but it addresses the same issues, and that’s why it endures for so long.